Tuesday, April 03, 2007

More fun on Spring Break

Today we took a trip to the Indianapolis Zoo. It was a lot of fun, and because the weather was perfect, the animals were all putting on a good show for us!

Here the kids are hanging out, grabbing a quick drink of water. Elliott had fun with the camera.

The kids got to ride on a carousel.

Emma trying to decide where we should venture next!

Some handsome dudes in front of the elephant pen. These handsome boys are going to thrill you with pictures of some of their favorite animals. Check out Andrew's blog and Ethan's blog!


The Queen said...

Look at that little mini Ginger! They area ll cute. I love the perspective on the three of them on the fence.

Jenny said...

Looks like fun. And your kids always look so cute. :)

Pa said...

is that a howling wolf on the carousel? crazy! looks like fun - we love the one of emma checking out the map! pa and bama

Leslie said...

i like emma's khaki pants. way cute, and very mini-ginger. :)

Brent said...

Nice to see Andrew got his front teeth back; he's quite a good-looking guy.

Barbara said...

Those are two handsome dudes. Emma checking the map is so adorable. Of course what can anyone say except our kids are so special and so beautiful and handsome!!!!!

Elizabeth said...

Did you coordinate all of their outfits on purpose?
Nothing but khakis and stripes!