Thursday, May 24, 2007

A New Look

For Mother's Day, Elliott gave our front yard a face lift. Well, more like plastic surgery.

This is the total view.
Previously we had some awful looking blue junipers, and a hodgepodge of assorted shrubs and perennials. We replaced the junipers with some yews, and these wonderful dwarf Alberta Spruce (Christmas trees, as Emma calls them.) Then we put in some dwarf korean lilacs, and my two favorite perennials for Indiana,

Stella d'Oro daylily

and some salvia (this one is called East Friesland).

Both of these will get quite a bit larger and really fill in the area, but still look neat and tidy.I added some stepping stones to make watering and pulling weeds easier, and plan to have each of the older 3 kids make stepping stones from the art kits I have seen around. Hopefully next year, when everything is grown in, we will have a nice little flower patch!


Carla said...

The photographs are just little black rectanges. :(
Want to try posting again? pleeeease

Jenny said...

It looks great!!! I'm so jealous. I have a few ideas for our front yard, but so far we haven't done anything. Maybe your great landscaping will motivate us. :)

stephanie said...

it looks really great, ginger! so nice and tidy and symmetrical. just the way i like front yards to be.

The Queen said...

Looking good!