Sunday, May 27, 2007

Yum, yum!

Last night we went to a friend's house for a Crawfish Boil. It was our first time eating the little insects of the muddy bogs of the South, but we had a great time.

Andrew and Ethan were excited to try the crawfish until they actually saw what one looks like (a miniature lobster). We got them each to try one, but the first crawfish was exceptionally spicy for some reason, and the boys decided one was enough!

When it was time to leave the party, Andrew came wandering over to us with another crawfish in hand, and after peeling it, he popped the tail meat into his mouth and ate it! Then he decided he wanted another one, so we all went back over to the table where the crawfish were mounded. All of a sudden the boys were both popping crawfish like they were candy. They even sucked out the brains... that was Ethan's favorite part! I think we stood there for an additional 15 minutes eating the little mudbugs!

As we were getting in the car to go home, Ethan asked me, "Mom, can you make crawfish for dinner sometimes?"

Sorry doodle.... I love you, but that's just not going to happen!

For a tutorial in how to eat crawfish (or to be awed and grossed out at the same time), click here.


Barbara said...

I guess I knew you could eat crawfish and that they were like miniture lobsters. When Villa Park and Anaheim Hills was still country the boys and I would go to the creek along Santa Caynon rd and catch them and put them in a bucket but I didn't know what to do with them????? It was fun catching them and kept the boys hapy and busy for a whole afternoon. We never caught more than 6 or 7. I should have taken them home and boiled them!
Love you

Leslie said...

this is totally crawfish boil season around here. our city just had a big one last weekend. neal loves them, but they're not really my cup of tea. hooray for your boys being so brave!
next time your boys want some southern cookin', just come see us. :) please?

stephanie said...

they look like bugs.

The Queen said...

Did you all eat them for 15 minutes more or just the boys??? Sounds like fun. Next time I'll have to come out when it's crawfish season!

Carla said...

I'm so impressed!
Little epicureans. :)

Jenny said...

didi what stephanie said. yuck. what did emma think?

Jenny said...

diddo. whoops