Saturday, June 16, 2007


On Thursday we took the kids to Disneyland with all their Riggs cousins, grandparents, and a few aunts and uncles too.

A few highlights:
The Four Amigos! James, Andrew, Bentley and Ethan had lots of fun together. They rode on lots of rides together, and as the older boys, had fun with the men-folk on the roller coasters!
(You can tell from this photo they weren't too impressed with Small World)

"Look, ma, no hands!"

Emma didn't get to ride in a pink tea cup the first time,
so later in the day we went back and rode again.

Emma and Emily got to meet Ariel again.

Sophie decided she really liked Daddy's ice cream!

After a long day, the kiddos are still ready for action!


MIMI n' LINCOLN RULE!! said...

Sophie looks so cute eating Daddy's ice cream cone.

Good times at Disney land!! I still remember you and the kids eating pickles straight up and Elliott making an indescribable face :)

We love you all and see you next week~

Barbara said...

What fun! See you soon
Love and Hugs

The Queen said...

Oh, I want copies! James looks just thrilled to be on a small world doesn't he?