Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Ethan is obsessed with zoo animals

Yesterday Ethan gave our Family Home Evening lesson on animals that Heavenly Father has created. He included a few facts that we didn't know, but he knew because he obsessively reads about wild animals.

He used our flannel board kit to show us some animals.

At first Sophie was only interested in pulling Daddy's glasses off his face
(her new latest obsession!)

Andrew is always enthusiastic about Family Night!

Sophie perked up when she heard Ethan say elephants can swim.
Yes, it's true, they can swim, as Ethan explained, and actually are quite fast!


Barbara said...

Pictures are so great and I am having a hard time waiting until you get to Ca. Just want to see all of you.
Love you much

The Queen said...

Look at how cute Sophie is!!!! Good job Ethan!

Leslie said...

ethan and audrey are still so much alike. audrey's favorite book is ther encyclopedia of extreme animals. she loves to read all the crazy informational tidbits to us all. we'll bring it to CA and these little animal nerds can enjoy it together. :)

Jenny said...

Maybe Ethan can share his lesson w/ us next week. :) I'm sure Bentley and Maxwell would love to hear about all those animals. I'm so glad to see new pictures of your cute kids!

stephanie said...

ah! it is going to be so fun to see everyone!

Chelsey Brae said...

Sophie looks like the Gerber baby! Too cute!