Friday, June 08, 2007

"I love not camping!"

Tonight is Father and Son's outing. Andrew is very excited to go, Ethan would rather stay home. Emma is dying to go to, and having trouble understanding why she can't, especially since last year one of the dad's took a daughter with him, as the boys keep telling Emma!

I am in Ethan's camp. The title of this post is a witty comment from Anne Taintor, who sells little accessories and doodads with other witty sayings. I got myself a little compact with the saying.

It wasn't always this way. I actually used to really love camping when I was in Young Women. I have some great memories from those times. I also have one of those, "You'll laugh about it later" kind of memories. This is for Lyle:

Third and fourth year campers for Girls' Camp go on extended hikes/overnighters. The first year I went, I shared a tent with a girl named Carrie. We went to some mountains not too far from where I grew up. Everything was fine the first day. There were probably about 15 girls all together, plus our leaders (including two priesthood leaders.) We hiked for most of the day, and set up camp for the night in a clearing in the forest. The leaders were quite clear that we should not have any food in our tents, because it might attract nears. We were supposed to put all food in our backpacks and string it up in a tree.

For some reason, Carrie decided to keep out a couple of beef jerky's, which were wrapped in plastic, but still, I was nervous. We went to sleep in our little two-man tent, and about two hours later Carrie woke me up.

"Do you hear that?"

I listened, and sure enough, it sounded like there was something outside our tent. We sat there in silence for a little while, and slowly became convinced there was a bear outside our tent. We became terrified, and didn't know what we should do. We had been told that if a bear came near us, we should start screaming and hollering as loud as we could to scare it off. However, we didn't know if that trick would actually work, so we sat there a little longer in terrified silence until we decided to say a prayer.

Somewhat later, we noticed a little tapping on the roof of our tent. It seemed that the bear was investigating our tent, and now Carrie started to cry silently. She was ready to go running out of our tent screaming, in the hopes that one of the men with us would be able to save us from the bear, but I thought we should just wait and see if the bear would actually rip through the tent or not.

The tapping went away a while later, but we could still hear the bear snorting around, and so we really couldn't go back to sleep. It started to get a little light outside, and all of a sudden we hear one of the other girls say, "Alma, stop snoring!"

We realized then, to our great relief, that what we had supposed was a bear, was actually one of the other girls snoring in the tent next to ours. Needless to say, we were exhausted, and we tried to fall back asleep for an hour before we had to get up for breakfast.

I am happy to say that we didn't see any bears on that camping trip. We also didn't see any of the nude hikers we had been warned about. That probably would have been even worse than a bear, but that is another post completely!


The Queen said...

That story is so funny! I don't MIND camping too much if there are flushing toilets.
My favorite girl's camp story is from the first year I went, when I forgot to tell you I loved you in my first testimony so I went back up for a second time to tell you. :) If I remember correctly, I think you rolled your eyes. Hehe :).

The Queen said...

P.S., I love the saying, I'm gonna check that website out!

Lyle said...


BTW, where exactly is this spot that I can go to see "nude hikers?" :)