Wednesday, July 18, 2007

So maddening!

This post at Jezebel was very interesting. It made me abhor Oprah even more than I already do, because I completely agree with the bloggers take on Oprah losing pounds for Vogue.

You can see the un-photoshopped picture of Faith Hill here.

I guess I shouldn't be too harsh, because Judy photoshopped the picture of me she put up the other day, and I certainly didn't mind. But I do think this type of photoshopping has a major impact on why so many women are unhappy these days. Check out the comments for some good reactions.


Leslie said...

that is a really annoying deal with the faith hill pic. it's amazing all the little things they change, like the shape of her back/posture and her upper arms.

Jenny said...

yesterday, john sent me this youtube link. it's kind of the same thing as your post

The Queen said...

I don't have time to read the whole article right now, but I actually saw the Faith Hill thing yesterday. I almost blogged about it! : ) It is sad. Most photographers don't do that kind of PS work. (Luckily!)

Carla said...

Even more ironic is the AARP magazine that your dad receives...the cover shots are generally well-known personalties who are blatantly photoshopped! And invariably, the article will be about how great it is to be 62 years old. The personality now looks to be 20 years younger after being thoroughly airbrushed.
What a ludicrous joke!