Monday, August 06, 2007

Encyclopedia: D

D is for Design

I love designing things. Specifically, I like designing quilts. It is much more fun than making them, although I enjoy parts of that too. But I love looking at fabric (and buying it!), I love drawing out patterns, putting different elements together, and figuring out color schemes and pattern schemes for quilts. Maybe it is because to do the kind of designing I do, which is for piecing, rather than applique, you don't have to be good at drawing. I stink at drawing, I wish I was better. My better half is a great artist, and I hope he has passed it along to our kids. But I think I do have a good sense of color and design elements, and I think that is why I love it.

D is also for:

Dad- I have a great dad. I am so grateful for the support he gave me growing up, and I love to see him with my kids now. They love to play with him!

Daddy - as in, the daddy of my kids. Usually, in the mornings, I bring Sophie into our bedroom and she hangs out for a little bit, trying to wake Elliott up and saying, "dadadadadada". She also usually says it all day long,, when Elliott is working at home. But I have noticed that she is barely saying it at all since Elliott has been in China, which means she must know who he is. It is amazing to me that she has so much awareness even at 9 months!

Discipline - as in, I wish I had more, but tonight I made a yummy cake because I had a friend over for dinner (with her kids), and I am sure I will end up eating most of it!


The Queen said...

What was the name of that cake again? ;)

The Queen said...

P.S., I hope it went well!