Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Encyclopedia: F

F is for Fabric

I love fabric, as evidenced by my little stash, as shown here. Some of you may think this is a ton of fabric, and wonder how I could have wasted so much money. But others, true quilters, will recognize this itty bitty stash for what it is... Puny by a real quilter's standard!

I think it is so fun to walk into a quilt store and see all the different types of fabrics. There are as many different styles of fabric as there are clothes... something to suit everyone.

Just as styles of clothes change, so does the design of fabric. Right now there are several designers that are "younger", that have put out some amazing lines of fabric, among them Heather Bailey and Denise Schmidt.

I had been abstaining from fabric purchases for a while, but I really loved Heather's "Fresh Cut" fabrics, and they are almost gone from all the stores. So I ordered 2 sets of 6.5 inch charm squares of all 40 fabrics in her line.

Aren't they pretty?

I saw a quilt on the cover of a magazine that I really liked, and will tweak ever so slightly to suit my own taste... Normally, I don't use only fabric from one line, and I don't copy patterns exactly, but in this case, it will get the quilt top made quickly, and I will have a pretty quilt just in time for winter!

You can see a few of the things I have made with my fabric here.

Some other great F's:

Freedom - I love our country; Food - So glad we have the abundance of it we do!; Flowers - I think my garden will be blooming well for another month; and Fiction.


Pa said...

thanks for doing this encyclopedia - i love all of your picks, especially andrew, ethan, and emma. can't wait until you get to s! lauren

Mary said...

I too am a quilter with an ever-growing stash. (I am also Mrs. Dub's mom.) F is definitely for Fabric! Thanks for pointing that out.

Carla said...

You just told me the other day that your stash is larger than mine! ha ha ha Well, it's a nice beginning. :)
It will be fun to see it in person soon.

Elizabeth said...

Yeah I totally remember Mom having TONS of fabric all the time. Yours IS puny. :)

Jenny said...

love your fabric! i'm jealous that it's so nicely organized. mine is in an old diaper box. :(

Barbara said...

What a fun thing to do- Your alphabet! Love the pictures. My mother used to have oodles of fabric in a cupboard too but it was so that my sister and I could pick out what we wanted and make a skirt or blouse or whatever.