Friday, August 10, 2007

Encyclopedia: H

I think my computer is on its death bed. Actually, I am surprised it was still working this past week, I am pretty sure my desperate prayers to be able to keep in touch with my husband are why it finally died today, rather than last week. The night before Elliott left for China, he loaded an anti-virus software onto my computer which slowed it down and made some programs inaccessible, and then made it unable to start up. I finally figured out (with many prayers!) how to get it to start, and took off the anti-virus, but it was still shutting down on me quite frequently. This afternoon, while trying to post these pictures, it froze up, sent to a scary blue screen that said a bunch of stuff I can't remember, except for the very end sentence: "Beginning dump of physical memory." Yeah, that just isn't something you want your computer to say. Hopefully Elliott will be able to fix it, and all my files are not lost forever. Tonight he is at a cub scout camp-out with the 3 older kiddos. Lucky for me, Sophie doesn't camp, because neither do I!! We left at bedtime, and plan to go back for breakfast in the morning. So I am relegated to ERP's computer when I can get it.

Anyway, let's get on with the encyclopedia...

H is for :

With that in mind, I have decided to share pictures of rooms in my house.

This is our entryway. It needs a coat stand, and something else, but I don't know what...

Music room and dining room (yes, we are seriously lacking in furniture). The dining room needs a buffet and some plants, and the music room could be a living room if we had a couch or some chairs. Luckily for us, Elliott's parents are downsizing, and we will get some of their furniture. Thanks Bamma and Pa!

This is one of my favorite pieces of furniture in the house... The Martha Stewart Apothecary Cabinet. It doesn't look like much here, but one day it will be filled with matching brown toile dishes. I love MS's furniture!
I made a quilt for the wall behind the red print chair (also MS, along with our couch!), it is being quilted by my mother at the moment, and hopefully she will be bringing it with her when the folks come to visit in 3 weeks.

Let me tell you a story: When I was in high school, my friend's mother bought a wreath to go over the fireplace in their home. It was not your run of the mill wreath, it was this huge thing with giant curly twigs sticking out here and there, and some dried flowers. At the time, my friend and I laughed about it, we thought it was such a funny thing to hang up. Then, when Elliott and I moved into this house, we auditioned several pieces of artwork and even a large oval mirror, but nothing looked right above the mantel. Finally, i decided a wreath like my friend's mother's was just the thing. It took me a long time to find this wreath,but I really do love it. Elliott would still prefer artwork,but luckily he is a good sport about it! :-)

Can you tell my favorite color is red?

Some other H's: Hallelujah Chorus (so fun to sing!), Holidays (my favorites are Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Halloween), and Hair Salons (since I need to be blond!)


Jenny said...

i love your home. it's beautiful!

Leslie said...

you guys live in the lap of luxury up there! you've done a great job decorating such large spaces! i love those 2 chairs to the right of your fireplace. way cool shape.

The Queen said...

Bummer about the computer. Your house looks so great.

Shaka said...

you have a beautiful home!