Saturday, August 11, 2007

Encyclopedia: I

I is for Indiana

(our state flag... a torch)

If someone had told me, when I was at BYU, or even when I was first married, that I would be living in Indiana 10 years down the road, I would have laughed them off. I always envisioned myself married to a surfer with a bunch of little tan, blond surfer kids running around. Part of that happened, but it is hard to be a tan surfer when you live in a state that has more cloudy days than sunny, and the nearest beach hangout is 3 hours away, and is a lake to boot!

In spite of that introduction, I really do love Indiana! It is a beautiful state, filled with wonderful, friendly people. The area we live in is growing in leaps and bounds. It has amazingly good schools, lots of museums (including according to Parents magazine the top childrens' museum in the nation), a fun zoo, great shopping, and is CRAZY FOR COLTS!

Seriously, during Colts season, all around is a sea of blue. Elliott says that when you walk around downtown at lunchtime on Fridays, more than half the people there are wearing blue colts gear. You may remember that some of the people Elliott does consulting work for even gave us a little Colts cheerleading outfit for Sophie when she was born. Maybe this will refresh your memory:

Indianapolis is the capital city of "The Crossroads of America". It has some amazing and beautiful architecture, including a 284 foot tall monument which was erected in 1901 called "Sailors and Soldiers" which was built to honor the Hoosier veterans of several different wars including the American Revolution, the War of 1812, and the Civil War.

And speaking of Hoosiers, as Indianans are called, what exactly is a "hoosier"? I don't know, and Wikipedia doesn't seem to either!

This is a picture of our beautiful state capital building.

Here is Indianapolis at night.
Isn't it pretty?
Don't you want to come visit us so you can see it in person?


Jenny said...

yes, we'd *love* to come visit. sigh. :)

The Queen said...

I'll be right there. That picture of the city at night rocks. As does that picture of Sophie! :)

Barbara said...

Would love to visit!Love you, Grammy

Dallas said...

I'm an Indiana fan too. I lived in Bloomington for two years and I loved it. I think that's where I want to retire some day.

Anonymous said...

According to old Indiana folklore, the word "Hoosier" comes from the following story. In the early days people would stop by their neighbors house and yell outside the door "WHO'S HERE." Everyone in the state did this. It was eventually shortened to "Hoosier." There, now you know.