Sunday, August 12, 2007

Encyclopedia: J

J is for Jewelry

I admit I am a sucker for pretty things that sparkle. When my friend Stephanie had a new baby daughter, she had the baby wear pretty bracelets, and I thought it made the baby look so feminine and pretty. I immediately went out and bought all the tools and supplies to make bracelets for Emma and Sophie (who was on the way at the time.) I enjoyed making bracelets, but because I have craft attention deficit for everything but quilts, I have moved on. I will soon be selling my samples and extra beads on etsy, but in the mean time, I have enjoyed making bracelets for various nieces, sisters, mothers, and daughters, not to mention friends.

I wanted this post to have some pretty eye candy, so I included some adorable jewelry that I have been eyeing on etsy for a while. These necklaces and earring have a beautiful simplicity to them, and of course I love to support the artisans on etsy.

Really love these simple pearl earrings.

Isn't this a great necklace? You can get it customized with up to 6 letters, and the "peas" come in several colors, including "pea green"!

More earrings I love. I really think pearls and silver make a great looking combination!

These three fabulous finds are available at Rachel Sudlow Jewelry.

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stephanie said...

that pea necklace is so cute! if i was done having kids and i actually wore jewelry, i would be very tempted.