Monday, August 13, 2007

Encyclopedia: K

I can't believe I am actually keeping up with this encyclopedia! To celebrate, and also, because I am feeling crafty and generous, because I want to get more traffic to my blog so I can be famous like my sister-in-law, in anticipation of a book swap a little bit down the road, and also because I am sick and not feeling particularly witty (oh wait, I'm not anyway!), I am having a giveaway in conjunction with the letter K. Read on:

K is for "Kids Say The Funniest Things"

Between now and 10pm Eastern time on Tuesday night, leave a comment with the funniest thing your child/children/grandchildren/nieces/nephews/you get the idea has said to you. The winner will be randomly chosen by my oldest son on Wednesday morning before school. The catch is that I need to get at least 30 unique comments, or I keep the pretty prize, so tell everyone you know to comment!

Ah, you ask, what is the prize? Why, it is a pretty pin-cushion and storage box, perfect for storing needles, a thimble, or any other small trinket. A picture to come, as blogger won't let me log in on my computer (yes, it is miraculously working again) so I am posting from Elliott's computer while he is at a meeting.

To start us off right, here is a conversation between Emma and me this morning:

Me (putting on some princess music): Hey Emma, let's dance.

Emma (watching me for a minute): I can do it better than you can.

Me: Okay

Emma (starting to dance, and then pointing at her toes, which are lacquered in red): You need some of this to make you dance better!

Your turn!


Leslie said...

ok, i'm sure andrew won't pick number one, but someone has to go first!

we got a book from the library about a dog who dies and goes to heaven. my kids love stuff like this. they're very curious about death and what happens afterwards, resurrection, stuff like that. i think it's because they lost their grandma and like to talk about when they'll see her again.

anyway, we were talking about the book and Audrey said to Parker,
"It's better to die in your sleep because then when you wake up, it's a surprise!"

I think she meant heaven would be a good surprise to wake up to in the morning, but then, you know, you'd be dead and everything. wouldn't wake up . . . anyway, it was funny!

laina kay said...

What a cute contest! I just posted this the other day on my blog. The kids are constantly coming up with funny little things so I may be back if I remember another one...

Are We There Yet? said... I got your page from Leslie's page which I read daily. I just started a blog so I dont have much traffic either and it really just stinks. daugther isn't talking a lot yet, she jabbers...she is 17 months old. However, the funniest thing she has said/done is after I finish changing her diaper she will say "good job"
I think I should win the prize on the account that my name starts with a K and so does my daughters :)
I'll be back to check out your blog in more detail soon

sara said...

From a total stranger!!! :) A friend of a friend of a Leslie's...

One of my very first blog posts was to this effect, on March 22, 2007: Today at lunch, 3-yr-old Zoe offered the following while pointing at her Taco Bell nacho cheese sauce:

Zoe: "Mom, if I stick my finger in there will it be magic?"

Me: "Umm, no Zoe, it won't be magic."

Zoe: "Right. Because sticking your finger in cheese doesn't make it magic."

stephanie said...

what a fun contest! i hope andrew picks #5!

one time, mabel said:
"Mommy, sometimes I call boogies 'diapers'. That's a funny word for a boogie, huh."

i thought it was funny. but you have to know that we P*'s call diapers "boogies". we are weird like that.

Jessi said...

Fun idea!!

When my oldest daughter was little she decided she really wanted a pet.... a "little tiny dinosaur."

Ruth said...

This one isn't about my kids but it did happen to me so I think it works. Once when teaching a primary class of 5-6 year olds I was teaching about going to Heaven and living with Heavenly Father and His Son Jesus Christ.

I said something to the effect of, "Doesn't that sound great? Don't you all want to go to Heaven?"

One girl perked up and said, "No!"

"Why not?" I asked.

"Because you have to die to get there. And my mom and dad aren't going either."

How do you refute that logic?

Cleo said...

Well, this is actually something that Jenny told me about a while back. So I hope she isn't mad at me for stealing it. ;)

One time Max was outside playing in the sandbox. He started yelling at something and when Jenny looked outside she saw that it was a cat. When she went outside Max appealed to her and said, "shoot that dog mommy!"

Shaka said...

fun! i love cute things kids say. a couple i can remember right now...

thing 2 quickly approached his father upon his arrival home and said "how much are you paying for internet?" dad told him "$29.95 i think" thing 2 replied "you're paying too much" (he loves to watch the commercials-he pauses them so he doesn't miss any!)

then a couple of sunday's ago our friends sat behind us at church and eventually the son leaned over to his dad and said "is this fast sunday?" (if you are LDS you understand that if not you'll understand it as the boy did) the dad said yes and the boy continued "then why is it going so slow?"

i know i have more so i may be back but i'll check your blog out anyway!

Unknown said...

Hi! I am a neighbor of Leslie's. I have 3 kids and when my oldest (now 9yr) was about 3 years old this is what happenend: she and I were driving in the car and she said "Mommy, I love my Jesus." My heart just melted and I thought "what a great job we are doing!" Then after a pause she said, "And I love Santa and Frosty too!" Too cute!

Unknown said...

Oliver singing his ABCs: (starting near the end) "W, X, Y, and Z, Now I know my A B C.................... D........... E....... F G's, next time won't you sing with me!"

Anonymous said...

here goes -
while we are here in California with my sister, her husband and my parents, my husband Jay had to stay at home because first year residents aren't allowed to take any vacation in the month of August. We drove out here in two cars and my mom told me of this conversation between her and my two-year-old Chelsea.

Mom - "Chelsea, are we going to go to Disneyland?"

Chelsea - "Um, ya. Daddy not - Daddy at work. Mommy at Target."

yep - even a two-year-old notices where her parents spend the most time.

here's hoping that your eldest thinks that's as funny as I do!

Lara said...

I'm a lurker. I'm a friend of Jenny R*.
was our recent funny conversation.
What a fun contest.