Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Encyclopedia: L

L is for Library

One of my favorite places to take my children is the library. There are many reasons for this. Chief among them the fact that it is free. It is also nearby, can keep us entertained for at least an hour, and it has something to entertain each member of our family.

Our library is free. It doesn't cost money to park, it doesn't charge admission, and we can borrow books and other assorted media at no cost, unless we are late returning them, which we are quite often! Actually, we aren't usually late returning the books, which have only a 10 cent per diem overdue fine. It is the movies that we have trouble with, and those are $1 a day! Nevertheless, I feel okay with the occasional fine, because of the enjoyment we get from having a humongous assortment of books and movies to choose from. The city we live in has only one library which is very large. Growing up, there were libraries in many neighborhood pockets, and then one main library. That meant we could ride our bikes or walk the half-mile tour neighborhood library without having to wait for mom to take us, but often the book we wanted was at a different library. Having just one huge library means the books are always in one spot. We do have to drive to it, but it is only a 10 minute drive, with beautiful buildings in our downtown to look at on the way.

Once at the library, the boys usually run off to the animal/insect section, while Emma, Sophie and I peruse the storybooks. I love looking through the many books available. Sometimes I seem to unconsciously choose books around a theme. For instance, this past week, of the 5 books I chose for the kids, 4 of them were about animals that outwitted other animals.

I am looking forward to taking the girls to storytime beginning in a couple of weeks. Emma is almost old enough for the storytime where parents can drop their child off and look for books on their own. And luckily, Sophie is still young enough to be content to wander around with me while strapped in the stroller. This summer I was only able to read 3 and a half books. Not too many by my standard. I love to read, and can't wait to continue the biographies of royalty in England. I think it is so important for children to see their parents reading. Reading opens up so many new worlds to children. If my boys didn't know how to read, they would not have their current interests in and knowledge about bugs, dinosaurs, animals, science, robots, movie making, and assorted other things that don't draw my attention.

Wow, maybe L should also stand for lengthy. Sorry about that.

Well, for all you that are still with me, and in the spirit of back to school (because today was our first day back!) I am letting you all know that next week I would like to start a book swap. Find your favorite novel (or biography that reads like a novel), and that you don't mind parting with, and be prepared to sign up and get more information next week.


The Queen said...

A swap sounds fun! I read part of a book at Jenny's house when I was there. It was on Queen Elizabeth and Mary Queen of Scots. It was quite interesting. I've been trying to work up the courage to go pay of my astronomical fine so that I can check it out. Ironically, Jenny incurred a small fine for letting me keep it past its due date. Isn't she nice?? I do miss just being able to walk to a library. Ours isn't that great and you still have to drive to it.

The Queen said...

I like the new look by the way.

Leslie said...

looking forward to the swap, but i hate giving books away!! :)