Saturday, August 04, 2007

Encyclopedia of Me

B is for Babe
Babe is the love of my life, although most of you know him as Elliott. When I call him Elliott, after almost 10 years of marriage, it just sounds weird.
Elliott is an amazing man... He can cook, clean, and sew, almost better than I can. He is brilliant, an awesome artist, has a great eye for photography, and most importantly, is a patient and loving husband and father.
When Elliott and I were first married, I used to think it was so bizarre when people would go on the Newlywed Game and say all the things that bothered them about their husbands. But finally, after these many years together, I have found one thing: Elliott is barred from doing my laundry (although he does the kids just fine!)
Right now he is doing one of his favorite things: adding a new country to the list of places he has been in the world. China brings his grand total to 30 countries!
When Elliott and I had been dating for a while, his dad asked him what he liked about me (hmmm, good question, I am still wondering how I tricked him into marrying me!). His answer was that I wasn't afraid to speak my mind. Unfortunately that is a trait that I would rather not have, and it has gotten me in trouble quite a bit. Luckily, Elliott is good at holding his tongue, and his example has helped me to be a better person.
I am so blessed to have married such a wonderful man...
Okay, you all can stop barfing now!
Some other B's in my encyclopedia: Bathroom from H-E-(double hockey sticks)... ( I hate to say it Babe, but I think we need to call in a professional!), babies, blooms, berries, and billiards.
Okay, I put spaces in between these paragraphs, but Blogger isn't showing them. Sorry it is so hard to read!


Barbara said...

Ginger, I think he is pretty wonderful too. Of course I think ALL of my grandsons are pretty wonderful. I am so glad you love and appreciate him.
Love and Hugs

Leslie said...

very sweet, elliott is a great guy.
can you explain billiards? ;)

Lyle said...

Would it be odd if I also referred to Elliott as "Babe?"