Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Encyclopedia: S

S is for Sophie

My little babydoll enjoying Hawaii

Some squeezableness!

Recently seen sporting an eighties hairdo.

Sophie is an incredibly sweet baby. She has been the easiest of my babies, and is always ready to brighten the world (as long as mommy or daddy are holding her!)

She is a great sleeper. She has put herself to sleep at most nap times and bedtimes since she was about 2 months old, which was her idea. I never had to do sleep training with her. She was fussy when we would try to rock her to sleep, so I just started putting her down, and she would go right to sleep. Now that she is older, it is a little more difficult. She wants to be more sociable, and if she hears the kids playing, she wants to go and play too, rather than go to sleep.

Sophie is very musical. She is always trying to change the music on the ipod, and she likes to dance along to anything we have playing. She also like to sing... loud... during sacrament meeting.

In the past few weeks Sophie has become very playful. She loves to be chased around by her siblings and her dad. She also loves to play patty-cake and peek-a-boo. Tonight she wanted me to pick her up. I was still eating dinner, and she crawled under the table to my feet and started clapping to get my attention.

She has a smile that is irresistible, and loves to give kisses. Her favorite toys are cell phones and computers. She is a wonderful baby, and we are so blessed to have her sweet spirit in our home.


The Queen said...

She looks so grown up in that last picture!! I miss those kids!

Carla said...

I hope Sophie enjoys us invading her home. There will be plenty of people to carry her about and spoil her thoroughly.

stephanie said...

that picture of her in hawaii is my favorite.

Pa said...

hooray for s so we could have more pix of sophie!