Friday, September 21, 2007

Doll Quilt Swap

This swap has been moved here.

Okay, this is totally going to remind me that I only have 5 readers of my blog, but my mailbox is lonely, and I am tired of waiting for someone I know to host a doll quilt swap, so I am doing it myself!

A few guidelines:
1. The quilt must measure between 18 inches square and 24 inches square, although it can also be a rectangle that fits in those measurements.
2. Please use natural fibers in the construction of this quilt (like cotton or wool).
3. Pieced, applique, or wholecloth, you decide. Quilted by hand or machine, and bound. Feel free to embellish your heart away if you desire.
4. Include a label on the back for posterity's sake, including your name and the date, at the least.

I am setting a mailing deadline of Nov. 7, 2007. This should give us a little bit of time after the Halloween rush, but before Thanksgiving and Christmas. Please leave a comment (in case I don't get the email for some reason), and email me with your name, email address, blog address, and your snail mail address too! Please do not sign up if you will be unable to fulfill the commitment. But really, this is a wee little quilt!

Some dates to note:
September 28 - Sign-up deadline! I will email you the info on who you are creating for by October 1st.
October 15 - please post a sneak peek (this could be just the chosen fabric, or the quilt under construction) on your blog.
November 6 - Pictures, please... of the back of the quilt! We want the front to be a surprise when we open it, right?
November 7 - Packages (with quilts in them!) must be postmarked by this date.

Edited to add: In your email, please let me know what a couple of your favorite fabric lines or styles are, so I can match you with people that have similar taste. Thanks!


Leslie said...

ooo, how fun. do you mind if i publicize on my blog? i'm mulling over joining. i have never actually quilted anything, ginger. sad to say. i have pieced, but i have not bound nor quilted ever in my life.

Ginger said...

I don't mind if you publicize, please do!

And please don't let your "beginnerness" stop you from joining. Binding and quilting are quite easy to do... and a little quilt is the perfect way to start! It will take no time at all!

stephanie said...

i would be all over this if i wasn't going to have a baby soon. making a doll quilt simply won't fit on my humongous list of to-do items. i can't wait to see pictures of all the quilts, though. how fun! leslie should totally give it a try.

Carla said...

This sounds like fun, Ginger. :) I don't think I've ever made a doll quilt before. Include me, too.

Mary said...

I'd love to participate! My daughter, Mrs. Dub, gave me the heads up on this, so please email me the info through my blog.

Britty said...

i don't know how i stumbled on to your blog, but i am sorry i missed this swap:(