Friday, September 21, 2007

Hello again!

I am sorry to have not enthralled you all with exciting posts in ages, but you know, life gets in the way sometimes. Please be assured I am reading your blogs at each opportunity, which are few and far between these days, and promise to get less and less, as Elliott and I are both getting new callings on Sunday which will require more time from us (Especially him!)

Anyway, here is a cute story so you can see why I never post anymore:

Mrs. B, Andrew's teacher, has been alerting us for some time that the children would be giving oral presentations on a book they read over the summer. Andrew chose a book Grandma lent us, Ozma of Oz, by L. Frank Baum. This past week Andrew hasn't had homework because the 3rd graders have been involved in statewide testing, but Mrs. B didn't give us a specific date when the book reports would be presented, and she has never given us a rubrick.

You can imagine my surprise then, while cleaning up from dinner, when Andrew announced that the oral reports would be today. Uhm, what? Okay, we got busy, fixing up the notes he had taken (not much), and he gave me his report as it was so far. It lasted 30 seconds, and was supposed to be 2-3 minutes. The other problem was that in about 1 minutes a babysitter was coming and I needed to run to the church for a choir rehearsal (I am the conductor of a special ward choir that will be singing in Downtown Indianapolis this December.)

Let me skip the boring part of the story by saying that with much urging and help from me, we got Andrew into bed by 10pm (don't worry Babe, no threats were involved!)

After questioning Andrew a few times, I still was unsure of the timing of the presentations this morning, although he did tell me he was up 4th. So I left a message and fired off an email to his teacher this morning, trying to figure out what time to come to his class (his teacher encourages parents to come watch). I even called a classmate's mother and left a message with her wondering what time the presentations were starting!

About 8:20 this morning, the phone rang, and it was Andrew. Here is the beginning of the conversation:

Me: Hello?

Andrew: Hi, its Andrew.

Me: Hi.

Andrew: It turns out the book report is next week.

I was able to respond after I stopped laughing hysterically. Well, it is a good thing, as Martha would say. Now we can work on the actual presenting more!


The Queen said...

Oh my goodness. That is hilarious! i love it. Especially this part: "don't worry Babe, no voice threats were involved!" Good job!

Elizabeth said...

Hah! That's hilarious. It brings back memories, too. Oh, kids... what can you do?

Carla said...

BTDT! On the other hand, there's the panicked call home from your child saying the report is today, and NOT next week... please bring an armload of items that are all over the house.

stephanie said...

ok, i am picturing andrew using the phone in his classroom to make this important phone call and it is making me giggle. he is so big!

Lyle said...