Saturday, September 08, 2007

More pics from last week

I forgot to download Cleo's camera onto my computer before she left, so hopefully she will get those uploaded soon and I can post more, but here are a couple more highlights from our week with the fam!
Andrew was very excited to have grandma at our house. They share a love of bugs, and took care of two praying mantis' while she was here.

A rare moment when Sophie let someone other than her mother hold her. She isn't normally a clingy baby, but she was feeling really sick due to a cold, and was overwhelmed by all the people she hadn't met before (Hugh and Charles) or seen often, so she didn't warm up to anyone until the last day they were here!

Andrew and Elliott before the baptism. It was a fun baptism. It was all family and friends, nothing too fancy, so we had a relaxed time.
It is hard to believe I have an 8 year old. Time has flown by! He is a great kid.


The Queen said...

I so wish we could have come! Thanks for posting the pictures, don't hold your breath on Cleo though, I still need some she owes me from David's birthday... in April. ;)

Jenny said...

how fun. i wish we could have been there, too. love the pictures.

stephanie said...

andrew looks old. that means you and elliott must be really old. :)
i'm glad so many people from your family were able to be there.

Carla said...

Have I really become that fat?? : (

Andrew looks great in this pix. What a wonderful person he is.

Cleo said...

I don't have any pictures from David's birthday...

Anyways, I haven't finished putting them up yet, but I've done some of them. My photobucket username is ckriggs, and my password is lightsaber.

So far the only ones I've put up are in the Riggs album, but some later ones such as from the gardens might be in the "stuff" album or in the "pictures of me" album. Sorry that there are so many and it's so unorganized, but maybe you'll find other things you'll enjoy along the way. :)