Saturday, September 22, 2007

Some tutorials

Anyone who has never made a quilt, but always wanted to, should definitely give it a whirl with a pretty, simple little doll quilt. Sew some fabric pieces together to make a top, and then check out smallfox's great machine quilting tutorial.

If you prefer to handquilt, there are tutorials with good pictures located here and here.

Heather Bailey's beautiful site has lots of inspiring eye-candy, and also a great tutorial on how to bind your quilt.

Here are some great ideas from flickr:

Log cabin style with embroidery in the center... too cute!

Machine quilting runs perpendicular to the strips in this quilt. What could be simpler or more charming?

Half square triangles set in a barn-raising pattern:

This one is a little different, with applique. It has a nice vintage feel to it.

Happy Quilting!


Carla said...

The blue quilt is cool!
I was thinking I'd try quilting this quilt on my Bernina.... but I have to baste it with pins??? yuck.

Michelle said...

Ginger...all this talk about quilting is so making me want to do one. The timing just isn't right for me right now but I SO WANT to do it! I actually haven't quilted a single thing in probably three years. Hmm...that was about the time I got pregnant with Malia and started school again. I wonder why I haven't quilted lately! They do look like tons of fun...