Wednesday, September 05, 2007

White River Gardens: Butterfly Exhibit

Emma is obsessed with butterflies at the moment. She wants to get one as a pet. I thought a trip to the butterfly exhibit at White River gardens would be a good substitute.

Elliott caught this butterfly mid-drink.

Emma hoped she would be able to get a butterfly to land on her hand...

Emma and Andrew viewed the chrysalis. They looked like little tiny bats to me.

A beautiful hibiscus.

After the butterfly exhibit we walked around and enjoyed the beauty of the gardens. Sophie really loved it, as you can tell!

Ethan was terrified of the butterflies, but he had fun walking in the garden.

Andrew clowning around with a frog.
His teacher at school LOVES frogs, so we will make this into a card for her.

Grandpa got into the act too!

Charles didn't want to be outdone, so he decided to walk across the lily pads...

and become a part of the statuary!


The Queen said...

So much fun!!! Andrew, Dad and Charles are so silly!! I can't believe Ethan just got a tarantula but is terrified of butterflies!!

Barbara said...

What a fun family. Butterflies are so pretty but don't think I wouild like one crawling on me. Guess I am like Ethan except I don't like tarantulas either.
Love and Hugs

Jenny said...

looks like fun. is sophie asleep in the stroller? nice. :) i wonder what our kids would think about it?