Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Hair cut #4

I was tired of Sophie's hair always doing this:

So I took her to the salon for a trim:

(sorry, it was the best pic I could get before nap time!)
It is really sad when your daughter has just turned one, and has already had 4 haircuts! I hope bangs are coming back "in".

I think my stylist is in love... Sophie is a perfect client. She even showed my stylist how she combs her own hair. In between snips she was rockin' out to the country music that was playing, and was quite happy to be pampered!


Barbara said...

Just adorable. That cute mouth and beautiful blue eyes.
Love and Hugs

Leslie said...

so cute. i love how it's behind her ear on the side. :)

stephanie said...

i'm a big believer in bangs.

Carla said...

I have a hard time reconciling that Sophie is one year old when I look at that photograph! Soon she'll have a ponytail.
And I'll just bet the stylist fell in love... so easy to do.

Pa said...

yes, she's very easy to fall in love with! and the bangs are great! lauren

Elizabeth said...


Hey, can you e-mail me Elliott's e-mail address?

Jenny said...

love the bangs. she's so cute!

emily said...

oh if only my 15 month old had 1/2 that amt of hair! the way her hair is growing . . . we will be going for her first hair cut on her 16th birthday! :O)

Sheri said...

Goodness I don't think I've ever seen a one year old with so much hair and she's already had it cut 4 times!From you pictures it looks like she gets that nice hair from her mom.

black bear cabin said...

already had four haircuts...my little one is 16 months old and still looks rather bald! doh! Sophie is a cutie! love the new do!