Saturday, October 27, 2007

Quilt Guild of Indianapolis Show 2007

This morning I was able to make a trip to the 2007 Quilt Guild of Indianapolis Quilt Show. There were about 600 quilts on display and 16 vendors, so it wasn't too big of an event, but it was still filled with lots of inspiration. I particularly seemed to notice the different settings and border ideas on many of the quilts this year. I haven't been noticeably creative in regards to those two aspects of my quilt designs, so 2008 will have to be my year to play around with some new ideas!

Here are a few of the quilts I admired:

This was one of several miniature quilts I was enamored with.
I love two color quilts, especially navy and white.

Loved the contrast between the simpleness of the plain alternate blocks,
and the more complex scrappiness of the union star blocks.

Several of the miniature quilts hanging together. The one with the 2nd place ribbon was quite unique, but I liked it! The tiny double wedding ring quilt (shown upper right) has little 1/2 inch pieces in the rings. The note from the maker said the quilt took her as long as a full size double wedding ring would have!

This tessellating snail's trail quilt was done as a color study.
The picture really doesn't do the quilt justice. It was beautiful.

A full size double wedding ring quilt, titled, "My One and Only Double Wedding Ring".
It was beautiful, and won the first place ribbon in the pieced wall quilt category.
I love how the quilter used gradated hand-dyed fabrics in the rings.

This type of quilt wouldn't usually be my style, but something about it appealed to me... probably the freshness of the colors, and the girliness of it.
Wouldn't it look cute on the wall of little girl's bedroom?


Carla said...

ooooo, I wish I could have come with you. :( Maybe next year??
I saw the snails trails hanging in the quilt store last time we went. Isn't it gorgeous?
Perhaps we should do a miniature block swap.
And yes, that last quilt would be perfect for a girl. :)

The Queen said...

Wow that snail's trail is amazing. Thanks for sharing. Must have been nice to have some time to yourself! Hopefully you even got to leave Sophie behind?? :)

kelly said...

wow! what an amazing treat! the quilts are so beautiful. i'm so glad you got the chance to go!