Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Chess Champion

This semester Andrew is in the Chess Club at his school. A couple of Saturdays ago he had the opportunity to play in a USCF tournament at an area school. The were 5 rounds all together, and the first round was a tight game against a boy who is rated fairly high. Andrew lost at the last minute. The second two rounds didn't go quite as well, but in the 4th and 5th rounds he beat his opponents. The last game was especially hard, against another boy who is rated in the 600's. Andrew beat him quite handily, and in doing so, helped him team win 2nd place for their age division.

Waiting for his second round to start.

The beginning of his 4th game.

Each of the boys who helped bring their team to victory get to bring the trophy home for the week... This is our week!


Leslie said...

wow! that is so impressive. i am one of those ignorant people who never learned to play chess because i didn't think i was smart enough. clearly, i am correct, since i still prefer checkers.

way to go andrew!!

Jenny said...

congratulations andrew! bentley really likes to play chess, too. i'll have to remember to show him this post. :)

Brent said...

Nice going, Andrew. Congratulations.

Pa said...

No surprise there - Andrew, you are quite the player, Congratulations.

Lyle said...

nice job Andrew! You could probably beat your Uncle Lyle.

Barbara said...

Congratulations Andrew!!!! You are tooooo cool. Way to go.
Love and Hugs

Carla said...

I'm so impressed!

Carla said...

I didn't know you liked to play chess; I like to play, also.
We'll play a game the next time I see you.

Uncle Roger