Saturday, November 24, 2007

Deck the Halls

The evening after Thanksgiving is our appointed day to begin our Christmas decorating. We have collected ornaments from all over the world as we have travelled, and we enjoy reminiscing as we hang them on the tree.

This year we had to remind the children to hang the breakable ornaments up high on the tree,
but despite our best efforts, Sophie still had fun undecorating for us!

Sophie also decided that it was the perfect time to begin walking... She practically couldn't stop herself!

(had to include this one... look at that cute bum!!)
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Pa said...

very cute and you guys are very ambitious! sophie already looks thinner and older!! but very pleased with herself. mom

Cleo said...

Well, I guess that's one good thing about having an artificial tree.

Your kids are so good looking!

We (me, Hugh, Elizabeth, Lyle, Mom, and Dad) were just discussing how insanely good all the Riggs offspring look, and how we hope we aren't the only one who has not-pretty children.

Carla said...

Sophie's just growing up too fast, and I'm missing it all!! wahhhhh

Barbara said...

Christmas is a fun time with kids. I do remember!!!! Sophie looks tooooo cute walking-
Have fun decorating
Love and hugs

Jenny said...

i can't wait to set up our christmas stuff. maybe this week . . .

i keep showing ruby the video of sophie's first steps (from elliott's blog). i'm hoping she'll learn something. :)

sophie is sooo cute!!

Thimbleanna said...

How cute! What a perfect time to start walking -- with all those fun things to grab, who could blame her LOL!

randi said...

Wow, you are an early decorator! We will probably do ours next weekend or the week after. If I start too early I generally want to throw the tree out the day after Christmas, but if I wait a little longer it can stay til the weekend after! ;)