Thursday, November 08, 2007

Doll Quilt, finished

I finally finished the doll quilt... The pinwheels are 3 inches, so not too terribly small. It went together fairly easily. Since I used batiks, and they are harder to quilt through (due to the denseness of the fabric), I machine quilted for the first time. A simple stitch-in-the-ditch... so as not to detract from the fabrics.
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Jenny said...

it looks great! nice job, ginger.

Barbara said...

Love it! You are so good at quilt making. Te fabrics are so pretty and the colors are my favorites.
Love and Hugs

Carla said...

This turned out really well, Ginger. I especially like the extra border set off by the thin black fabric.
Such a cool little quilt.

Leslie said...

very cool, ginger. i love that red/pinkish white batik. i can't wait to see what you receive!

stephanie said...

normally i don't like batiks, but that quilt is gorgeous!

Emily Cole said...

Ginger - great job on the pinwheels, they are my favorites I think... but I've just finished my first one and I didn't realise how hard triangles are... I'm sure with practice they'll get easier. Anyway, I love the batiks you have! All of mine are kinda muddy, not what I thought they were when I got them in a 'batik grab-bag'. Em