Friday, November 02, 2007

Emma's ultimatums

Forget the fact that Emma is eating cheetos (it was a special treat she got to choose at the market yesterday), and that I let her have them before her sandwich.

I hear some version of this at least 5 times a day:

Me: Emma, you promised you would eat your sandwich if I gave you some cheetos.

Emma: But I'm done. Can I have some candy?

Me: You need to eat your sandwich.

Emma: No... I just want some candy.

Me: You can have some after you eat your sandwich.

Emma: If you don't let me have some I'm going to make this face forever.


stephanie said...

sounds just like oliver. except his ultimate threat is that he is going to throw all of the pillows off the couch (he knows that drives me crazy), which he follows with "i'm serious. i'm really going to do it."

emma still looks pretty with that face.

kelly said...

i love that you captured that look. now you can use it against her when she is older. think of it this way... at least she responds - gavin just totally, flat out ignores me. and then will climb the shelves in the cupboard to get what he wants. i've lost any form of control i once had!

Barbara said...

David used to put his head down to the floor and just get angry. He forgot one time though and he was in the bath tub when he put his head down into the water. Never did it again!
she is still pretty cute and will love the picture when she is older.
Love you,

joojierose said...

yay ginger! you and elliott MUST come! i'm only here until june. :)

Jenny said...

totally didn't see "the face" coming. :) how funny.

maxwell's ultimatum is that he will "never do what you say agian!"

i'm soooo sick of candy. that's all the kids want to eat. :)

Lyle said...

so who won? is she still making the face?