Sunday, December 30, 2007

Hey Mom...

...look what found us this morning:

I looked out later and it had brought a friend!

(It looks like they have eaten tons of food, but a lot of it blew out during a big wind storm we had a few days ago.)

They are feeding at the finch feeder, so I am assuming they are some type of finch.
Will need to get that bird field guide one of these days!
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Carla said...

It looks as if one of the birds is looking directly at you. I'm glad they've found the feeders so soon. I'll bet tomorrow there are even more birds. Do the kids enjoy the birds?

Unknown said...

They look like female chaffinches to me but could be greenfinches at a pinch - put out other feeders with thistle seed in and you may well get goldfinches too - why not get the kids joined up with the RSPB - they do great kids bird guides and the kids can join in with the annual bird count too

Bethany said...

They're beautiful, whatever they are! When are yard is finished (yea, right) I'm going to try the same thing!

Bethany said...

Oh my goodness, how do I edit that comment? I meant "our" yard. Remember, it's the middle of the night for me!