Thursday, December 13, 2007

Snow is falling all around

Emma and I have spent the last few days making lots of snowflakes. These are simple, run of the mill fold-and-cut snowflakes, but they are quite addicting to make!This is what they look like from the outside.

Sophie enjoys ripping them off the window, much to Emma's dismay!

Emma has gone through quite a few rolls of tape... we are still getting the hang of how much we need to tape a snowflake to the window. If I was really a good mom, I would get glue dots, so the tape wouldn't show on the window, but alas, I ain't that good! Ethan made that one on the upper left there... he is becoming addicted too!


Jenny said...

how fun! i wonder if bentley, maxwell, and jonah would be interested in snowflakes. probably. :)
your snowflakes look lovely!

Pa said...

they are all so unique! and i love seeing little sophie's face through those great windows. lauren

Barbara said...

Beautiful and FUN!
Love and Hugs