Friday, January 11, 2008

"Children, The Great Levelers"

I used to believe that I was a great mother, and that other moms must not be parenting right because Andrew was such a perfect child, and they always seemed to have issues with their kids. Then Ethan was born, and I had officially met my match!

Now that I have 4 children, each with amazingly different personalities, I understand that the spirits that our children bring from heaven affect them much more than anything I have done or can do to them.

I loved this article. I have always loved my pediatrician because I feel like he is never judgmental of issues and illnesses we may be facing in our household. I can see that this doctor has a good handle on parenting too.

Just don't ever let me meet commenter #1, who obviously has no children, or children that are severely lacking in personality!


Carla said...

"Children are the great levelers"... hmmm Now where have I heard this before?? :)

Lyle said...

Good article. Although he doesn't focus on it, I'm sure he would also agree that good parenting styles are just as important as diagnosing and treating any innate disorders the child may have. However, part of good parenting is recognizing that each child has its own personality.

And I'm not sure what his problem is with time-out. I found it to be an effective tool as a behavioral therapist.