Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Romance At Its Best

Jane Austen is the ultimate romance novelist. That is a fact, not an opinion... :-) Also, a fact... I get to see the house she did most of her writing in... can you tell I am excited??

I finally was able to watch the first installment of PBS's Masterpiece Theater series featuring her works made into movies. Persuasion aired on Sunday night, but we taped it, and last night while Sophie was refusing to sleep (at 2:30 in the morning) I decided to watch it with her!

It was fabulous, although I do think I prefer the earlier version. But I was happy enough to watch Rupert Penry-Jones play the role of Captain Wentworth. Wow, I haven't seen him before (have I?), but he is beautiful!


stephanie said...

i watched it too! it was so good. i can't wait for the others to air.

The Queen said...

We made a girls' night of it, it was really fun. I LOVED Captain Wentworth! He was so handsome, we just kept commenting the whole time how gorgeous he was. :) I definitely liked Mom's version better, but this one was good. Although Anne had fish lips when she was kissing him, and the cinematography was giving me a headache what with all the shaking. :) But Rupert made up for that. :)

The Queen said...

P.S. how did it work out that you are going to see her home? I thought you wouldn't have time? And Emma is so cute. :)

Jenny said...

we missed it. rats. maybe we should invest in dvr, and cable. hmmm.

Cleo said...

I thought Captain Wentworth was much better looking as well. :)

But I think the other Wentworth is much more romantic.