Friday, January 18, 2008

Starting her early...

Today Emma and I went to the quilt shop to choose fabrics for a small quilt for her dolly "Little Emma". She chose some great fabrics, don't you think?

We are going to choose a simple pattern, maybe a rail fence, so it will come together quickly. I may need to find a nice reddish to bind it with, just to make the reds in the prints and stripe pop!

Below is a sneak peak of the small quilt I am making for the Four Seasons Quilt Swap: Winter. It has been slowly evolving, and I am happy with the end result. I just need to bind it, hopefully I can get that done tonight.
I'll post a final picture when it is completed.

While at the quilt shop today, I also picked up the first month of the Second Saturday Sampler for the year. In January, you pay $5 for the fabric and directions for the first block. Each second Saturday of the following month, you bring your completed block to the shop, and they will give you the fabric and pattern for the next block. In the end, you will have 12 blocks for only $5.

There were 3 different color-ways to choose from , and I decided to go with the batik choice. I haven't made a full-size batik quilt, so it will be nice to have something a little different.


Bethany said...

Beautiful fabrics and beautiful quilt -- I love it!

The Queen said...

Nice! (Both of them) :)

Jenny said...

love the fabrics emma chose!

what a cool idea. i wonder if any shops around here do something similar? i *might* be able to do one block a month. :)