Wednesday, January 30, 2008

A week in review

We have had a busy, busy week. Emma started Singers Co, and has been excitedly practicing, Andrew resumed Chess Club, Sophie became obsessed with books,

Ethan banned Emma (and any other girl who can't read) from his bedroom,*

Emma started reading, making Ethan's rules obsolete,

Sophie got a hair trim

Mommy started working on yet another doll quilt (aren't these cute),

And Daddy got to go visit the adorable AZ cousins.

*Click on Ethan's picture... I love this sign, which crosses out little sisters, but show a picture of Andrew and a girlfriend. Ha!


The Queen said...

hehe, cute pictures. I love Ethan's hair sticking up, and Emma looks so grown up! And Sophie is so cute reading that book.

stephanie said...

i told elliott he needs to bring you guys next time. it would be so fun!

also, your kids are cute.

Leslie said...

miles is obsessed with books, too. our kids will have so much fun!!

i love ethan's silhouette people. he's moved on from godzilla-esque creatures? :)

Jenny said...

sounds like a busy week! love ethan's sign. :)

Carla said...

Are you *sure* you can't bring them all with you next month?? :)