Thursday, February 07, 2008

Feel the love

Look what I just ordered over at Shabby Apple:

On sale, and ruching is so perfect for hiding my "big fat momma" belly (that is what Ethan calls it!)

They also have a baby line... check out these adorable dresses:

(this one is my favorite, but maybe it is just this too cute little model!)

If you prefer to make your own patterns, Sandi Henderson, over at Portabello Pixie, is planning to launch a line of patterns in May.... I'm trying to be patient!


Jenny said...

i bought a dress from shabby apple last month and i love it!

i ordered it monday morning, and it arrived the next afternoon. of course, i'm pretty close to slc, but still - super fast service.

i hadn't seen their little girl dresses, but i'm on my way over there now. :)

Bethany said...

Very cute -- all of them!

Leslie said...

you'll look great in that purple, ginger. and those baby dresses are adorable!! how fun.