Saturday, February 23, 2008

No, this isn't an announcement!

I used to be a better mom... no, its true. Once upon a time, I would go outside with my kids every afternoon, and many mornings too. We would go to the park, or take nature walks. I enjoyed spending time in the warm outdoors. My favorite thing to do was meet a friend or two at the playground. We would spend time chatting while the kids had fun being kids.

Alas, I live in Indiana now, and well, at the moment it is a balmy 33 degrees out (feels like 27). I am really not kidding about the balmy, either. After a week of mid-teens, I feel like I actually get a tiny bit warm when I walk outside.

The unfortunate part of this situation is that my daughter, Emma, loves to play outside. It doesn't bother her that it is freezing out, and she doesn't understand why I won't go out with her when the windchill makes it 9 degrees!

My unhappiness with all things cold was cemented while back in California for my little brother's wedding last week. We were in Newport Beach, in shirt sleeves and sandals, and I even got a little color on my face.

I really do love Indiana, but I told Elliott if he ever wanted to convince me to move back to California, it would have to be in Winter. Okay, Babe, I'm ready!


Elliott and Emma, July 2004

Some cute cousins, 4th of July 2004

Hanging at the park with the H*'s and the SoCal P*'s.

The sandbox - Andrew, Audrey, Ethan, and Annie, July 2007


Leslie said...

ah yes, but let's recall the teeny little dinky apartments we lived in when those pictures were taken. :)

no, you're right, you can't beat socal weather. unless, of course, you like a little rain now and then!

sorry you guys are freezing. it's perfect here today. our doors are open and audrey got a little pink tinge on her forehead playing outside this morning.

Jenny said...

last weekend was so nice. sigh.

i'm w/ you on the balmy 30s. that's what we've got today. i came home from a meeting to the three boys outside in t-shirts and bare toes. 'but mom, the sun is shining!' yes, but it's not summer, yet. silly kids. :)

The Queen said...

You forgot the most important part! I'm here! hehe, just kidding. It really would be nice if you came back, though!

Carla said...

We'd love everyone to live here, winter or not! And if it makes you feel any better, it has not made it up to 70 degrees this entire week! :)

Elizabeth said...

So does this mean you're moving back to California? I mean really. Because both sets of grandparents live there, Judy lives there, Jonathan and I will probably start our family there, John and Jenny are much closer to CA than IN, and Charles and Laura will be probably be spending lots of time there. AND all of Elliott's family is close to CA than IN. Right?
And it's warm. M'mm.... warm... bare feet on the grass... lying on a blanket in the yard with a good book... close ocean beaches... no shoveling the driveway... m'mm.... California....!!!!

Barbara said...

Oh do come bAck- I would love to see you all and I am not getting younger!
Love and Hugs

Thimbleanna said...

No way! You're in Indiana??? Did I know that? How come I thought you were in Utah or California??? Guess you have to kick me in the head to get it to stick LOL!

kelly said...

we'd love to have you!

Laura said...

San Diego... soooo waaarrrmmmmm... mmmm... I love it.