Friday, February 01, 2008

Some eye candy

It's true. I have a horrible sense of design and taste. That doesn't stop me from dreaming.

Check out these beautiful nurseries, showcased on ohdeedoh.

I love this sweet little room. Those curtains look like they are lined, and make the room quite dark, something my sweeties have never had! I love this room because even though it is obviously tiny, it still doesn't look cluttered.

What can I say? This room is so calming and peaceful. I would love to spend hours in it. The alphabet tiles at the top of the room are a nice touch.

I love this room for it's modern simplicity. Many of the elements in it could grow with the child to a teen room.

Click the link above to see more inspiring rooms. Or click over to my SIL Stephanie's archives. She has great taste... I should just hire her next time I need a room redone!


stephanie said...

aww, thanks for the compliment, ginger. you have excellent taste, yourself. your house is beautiful.

and your blog looks nice.

The Queen said...

I REALLY like that last one. I can't decide what my style is. I go to the store and get overwhelmed and don't ever buy anything.

Jenny said...

i'm w/ judy - adding in stress with being overwhelmed. :)