Friday, April 18, 2008

One thing I was really happy about when I moved to Indiana was the knowledge that I was leaving California earthquakes behind. After all, even though there are many tornadoes in Indiana, and the occasional ice storm, these are predictable weather disasters. Earthquakes just blindside you!

That is why I was shocked to be awoken at about 8am one Sunday morning about two weeks after moving to Indiana by a gentle rocking of my bed. I was unsure if it was an earthquake at first, but just as I realized it really was an earthquake, it was over.

No one had bothered to tell me that there is a large fault line that runs through southern Indiana!

Thankfully, that earthquake was small, only about 3.6, and there was no major damage done by it, but I joked with Elliott that we must have brought earthquakes with us from California.

Fast forward to 5:30 this morning... another earthquake. This one wasn't centered here, and although it was approaching a decent magnitude, it was a gentle rolling quake, and was over right about the time we woke the kids up and got in a doorway with them.

Is it the ghosts of the great San Francisco earthquake that happened exactly 102 years ago today coming to life?


Leslie said...

wow, i didn't know that either. is it the same fault that goes through missouri? i hate earthquakes, too, and do not miss the threat of them one bit.

Pa said...

the thing is there are fault lines everywhere! you have a nice strong solid house. see you next week! lauren

Barbara said...

Lauren is correct, there are fault lines all over. I heard about it this morning on the radio and wondered if you felt it. Guess you did! At least if there is an earthquake everyhing falls down in one place and isn't scattered all over the place as in a tornado.
Love you

Lyle said...

Call me crazy, but I love earthquakes!

(not the destruction the bad ones cause, just the motion from being in an earthquake)

Elizabeth said...

Yeah I read about that earthquake this morning.
I like earthquakes in California because I get to act all cool about them in front of people who have never experienced it. "Oh, it's *just* an earthquake." but really I am scared because I haven't been in one for a while.

Jenny said...

yikes. the only earthquake i really remember happened when i was in first grade. i was eating breakfast and didn't notice anything, but when i got to school my teachers plants had been knocked off her piano by the earthquake. weird.

Thimbleanna said...

Wasn't that weird? We were in enough of a stupor that we couldn't figure out what it was! And like you, I thought when I moved here that we left those things on the left coast. Have a great weekend!