Saturday, May 03, 2008

Garage Sale

The kids were out bright and early with me this morning to sell our excess goods... Mostly lots of old pictures we have inherited from Elliott's parents. After this picture was taken, we brought out more stuff... a baby bouncer, a car seat, and 3 strollers. All went quite quickly. The boys were hoping to sell some Pokemon Cards, but no one was in the market this morning! :-)

We also decided to sell Raisin Spice Muffins, Chocolate Chip Cookies, and bottles of water. They sold quite well... I figured people might get kind of snacky while out perusing the wares (it was a large neighborhood garage sale). 50 cents for a muffin or two cookies, and $1 for a bottle of water.

All in all we made $143, and spent $5 at a neighbor's house so the girls could finally have some girly big wheels (I am tired of the boys old one!), some puzzles, and play shopping carts. Not too bad considering we decided to participate yesterday afternoon!
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Pa said...

looked like a cool day in Carmel. Congrats on the successful sale - it was good to see some of the pictures from days gone by finally sell. Love and miss you guys.

Jenny said...

is that a ps2 that andrew is playing? bentley would be so jealous. he recently discovered play station games . . . :)

glad the sale was successful!

Brenda said...

I also had a garage sale this weekend. It is such a nice way to meet people. Glad you all had a nice time. Wish I would have thought of the cookies and water. Maybe next time.


Leslie said...

hooray for cash! :) and i'm so glad emma likes that pink dress. . .

Barbara said...

Good sale! I recognize some of the pictures. Think some were in David's old office. Time to sell them!
The cookies and muffins and water were good enticements and probable went very well with those kiddos selling them.
Love you