Friday, May 02, 2008

A Week Away

Elliott and I were blessed to be able to get away last week to celebrate our tenth wedding anniversary. We jetted off to England to visit his sister Julianne who is finishing up her Master's Degree at Oxford university, and then spent a few days in Paris. Elliott mapped out all the best patisseries for us to try, and we spent our time eating good food and revisiting our favorite sights.
In front of Jane Austen's house in Hampshire, England. This was one of the highlights of the trip for me. last time we were in England, we had Andrew and Ethan with us, and Ethan got car sick on the ride in from the airport, so we were unable to go. This time, I made sure it was the first place we visited! She is my absolute favorite author, and it was fun to see where she spent the better part of her writing years.

The cute little town of Lechlade on Thames. One of many Cotswold towns we visited.

Visiting with Julianne in Oxford.

The other highlight of our trip, getting to spend an evening at Buckland Manor in the Cotswolds. Elliott's parents were awesome and gave us this amazing experience. Seriously the most comfortable bed ever, and the food was amazing! We make have to make this a habit.

The above picture is a charming little cottage in the village of Buckland.

Notre Dame Cathedral. We spent the evening walking along the Seine, and having dinner and dessert afterward.

If you are dying to see more of our pictures, you can go here.


joojierose said...

i'm so glad you guys could visit! :)

Pa said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures! What a great trip, and to top it off with seeing Julianne. We miss your kids!

Jenny said...

glad you're back and that you posted these amazing pictures!

stephanie said...

fun! i'm totally jealous.

Barbara said...

A beautiful trip and I love the pictures. Made me want to go and visit. Of course the English cottages are my favorite and the beautiful flowers and green country. Thanks for the pictures and I know you had a great time.
Love and Hugs

Thimbleanna said...

Well, that explains it! I wondered where you'd been. What a lucky, lucky girl -- I LOVE going to England! Sounds like you had a wonderful trip. I tried to respond to your comment about my Vera Bradley post, but it bounced again -- I suspect the e-mail is wrong, but I can't ever remember the right one -- it just tried to reply to what you left with the comment -- "anetemos". If I remember right, the letters are jumbled maybe? I tried a search of my past e-mail but nothing came up! Anyway, you're so close, you should come and brave the crowds yourself LOL!