Saturday, May 31, 2008

The winner is...


Thank you all for your votes! I think it was split about 50/50, but I decided on the teal because I just like the fabrics better. I like their texture, and like how they are an unusual and sort of vintage combination with the pink. You can check back for updates on that quilt through the coming week.

In other news, I think teal may be one of my new favorite colors... especially when combined with yellow:

(fabric by Tula Pink for Moda, picture courtesy Over The Rainbow Fabrics)

Isn't it gorgeous?!?

In fact, I love the combination so much, my items for Kelly's Favorite Things Swap will all be centered around those two colors. I can't tell you what I have gotten to send so far, but I am really excited! This is a really fun swap, and she is keeping sign-ups open until June 6th. I highly recommend it!


Jenny said...

beautiful fabric! good luck w/ your quilt. can't wait to see it.

just jen said...

peeking in by way of the swap. love this fabric. quilting is a beautiful, soulful journey. good luck! ~ jen d.