Friday, June 06, 2008

Field Trip

(photo from April 2007)

I couldn't find the camera this morning, so this picture from last year will have to suffice to go with our synopsis... It was 95 degrees, very humid, and we ate ice cream. That is pretty much the only reason my kids wanted to go to the zoo anyway, so I would say overall it was a successful trip! :-)

While we were eating lunch at the zoo, Andrew asked me who had won the general election (for president of the USA). I said that the main election hasn't happened yet, but that Senator Obama is the candidate for the Democrats, and Senator McCain is the candidate for the Republicans. Ethan said he hoped McCain would win, at which point Emma said, "I hope the Colts win!"


Pa said...

Emma, we agree.

Kristen said...

HAHAHA! i hopped over here from angela's blog, thinking "is that the ginger i think it is?" and then as soon as my page loaded, i realized i've been here before! haha!

i'm also a sandi henderson fan (my girlfriend from toddler days is a good friend of hers) and i'm doing Kelly's swap, as well.

too funny. Looks like you are doing great! I'm all inspired by all of your quilting posts!

Jenny said...

love emma's comment. :)