Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Sunny Summer Days

On Sunday the boys had their first piano recital. They did a great job! They each memorized their pieces, and were 2 of only a few to do so. They have been practicing up a storm, so it was nice they were able to see their hard work pay off. I really like our piano teacher. i think she is great with the boys. Patient, but still expecting them to get their practicing done and do well. i think the boys, especially Ethan, actually ENJOY piano. Unheard of, I know!

The days we don't go to the pool, I let the kids play in the sprinklers... It lets me have a little "me" time!
They are really cute with each other.

Sophie especially likes painting the deck!

Emma really wanted a pet butterfly for Christmas, so I got her the next best thing...
A butterfly habitat where she can grow her own from caterpillars.

They are currently in the chrysalid stage, and should be hatching to butterflies in the next week.
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Barbara said...

So glad that the boys love the piano and are doing well. Kuddos to them for memorizing their pieces.
We have a butterfly ready to hatch hanging on the side of the house. Anxious to see it hatch. Think I will go out today and put it in a jar so we can watch it. Emma will love it.
Elliott and Matt used to love painting the patio bricks at my house!
Love and Hugs

stephanie said...

i'm looking forward to letting my kids play in the sprinklers pretty soon.

i am so glad your boys like piano. it must be in their genes.

be sure to post pictures of the hatched butterflies! how exciting!

The Queen said...

Yay for piano and summer!!

Laura said...

Looks like fun! I miss those sprinkler playing days!

Thimbleanna said...

Aren't they cute! And how exciting about the butterflies -- I hope you'll show us when they "hatch"!

Jenny said...

bentley and maxwell started piano lessons today! how fun.

i wish our weather would warm up again. we didn't get hte snow that they did in idaho, but it was cold and windy. yuck.

hope you'll post pictures of the butterflies!

Carla said...

Do you remember playing in the sprinklers as a child?
Congratulations to your boys; wish we could have gone to see them.