Friday, June 06, 2008

When is she going to wake up?

I had big plans to get to the zoo as soon as it opened today, maybe a wee bit late if Andrew and Emma decided to sleep in. But it is now 9:54 (the zoo opened at 9), and Emma is still asleep. Andrew just woke up 15 minutes ago. So maybe it will be an afternoon trip to the zoo... I am not sure what to do at this point.

My doll quilt for the swap on the forum is coming along... I have the top mostly pieced, just needs its border. I struggled with an appropriate border for the quilt. Originally I was going to put plain borders on it, but it needed something more. On Wednesday I spent pretty much the whole day working on the quilt, piecing and designing, but I didn't like any of the border ideas I had. They were overpowering for the quilt. I decided yesterday to put it aside, and this morning, while lying in bed, I had an idea come to me. I tweaked it a little in EQ, and am now happy with the final design. Hopefully that will get finished today.

Since I took a break from quilting yesterday, I decided to work on the matching dresses I am making for the girls. They aren't fancy, but I think they will be cute... remember the fabrics? I decided to make the dresses from the blue and green shown in that post. The only teeny tiny problem I have is that when I went to cut the fabric, I realized I don't have enough of the blue. I ordered more yesterday, and since it was early morning in California when I ordered it, it is on its way! Emma's dress is cut out and about a third sewed.

Yesterday the kids and I discovered the neighborhood pool is being heated (the first year it was, last year it wasn't!) That makes me want to spend bunches more time at the pool this summer. When we put Sophie in the pool yesterday, she was quite timid, but by the end was really enjoying the big "tubby".

I really hate it when I have to read a long post with no pictures, but Emma just woke up... so I am off to help her get breakfast so we can get going. Have a great day!


CalBear1993 said...

Isn't it ironic? Kids never sleep in when you really want them to and then they do sleep in when you want to get out the door...

My twins did that to me on Monday. The funny thing is that Elizabeth was here to watch my daughter so I could take the boys out on errands. They ended up sleeping for most of the morning!

Thimbleanna said...

How exciting -- I've been thinking lately about going to our zoo too -- it's been years. I hope you all have a wonderful day!

Pa said...

they are having a relaxing summer sleeping in so late. that's great! lauren

Jenny said...

they always sleep in when you don't want them to. the rest of the time they're up super early. at least mine are. :)