Tuesday, July 08, 2008

I'm trying to be better about blogging...

So here is a little sample of our day (all non-relatives can read at their own risk of boredom):

Emma and Sophie had fun painting this morning while Ethan was playing with the neighbor and Andrew was at golf. Notice the paint splatters all over her and the table cloth. You can't see the ones on the floor. They were all gone with a swipe of a wet paper towel. I love water colors!

We received the newest American Girl catalog in the mail today. It had a gazillion things Emma put on her birthday/Christmas list, but she was especially taken with the dolls having a picnic. The day was too muggy to have a picnic outside, but she and Sophie gathered some items to have an indoor picnic for their babies.

Ethan's newest obsession is air hockey. We've had the table for a while, but he recently rediscovered it, and is game to take anyone on, at any time. He even beat Elliott today... first time ever. It was a proud moment in P* family history!

We ended the day with Indian food for dinner, followed by chocolate cake (I made it today, just for fun!), and Andrew attempting the hardest level of Sudoku on Facebook with limited help from me. Yeah, Judy, that was round 2 of our game!


The Queen said...

Oh. The second round. The one where his score was STILL HIGHER THAN MINE?????? Sheesh, that kid's a genius. Or I'm really dumb. Maybe both. ;) I love Sophie's bob, it's so cute.

Carla said...

Ah, rats! I wish I had an air hockey game so that I could practice. Ethan's going winwinwinwin.
The picnic in the house looks fun, though. :)

Barbara said...

You have a very full day! New receipes are fun especially when the family enjoys them. Sophie is to cute doing her "art" work.
Love you

Lyle said...

nice job Ethan the MAN!

That is sooo awesome you guys have an air hockey table. Is that a full-size or a bit smaller?

Jenny said...

man, we really need to come visit. the boys would LOVE the air hockey table.

sophie is looking so grown up. i can't believe she's watercoloring. i'm not sure ruby wouldn't try to eat the paints. ok, she probably wouldn't eat them, but it's not likely she'd PAINT either. :)

i had to throw our american girls catalog out. too many things that i want, and ruby's not old enough to justify buying them. :)