Saturday, July 19, 2008

A Quilting Post

Thank you all for your sympathy with my burn. It hurt pretty bad for about two days, but now the numbness has set in, and I imagine the skin is starting to heal itself. It looks like I will have minor peeling for a couple of days and be good as new. The human body is such a miracle, isn't it?


A few weeks ago I received this darling quilt from Lisa...

She was my quilt maker in the doll quilt swap. I love the fabrics she used (you may recognize some from this quilt), and the great design... it really showcases the fabrics well! Emma really likes it too, and I keep finding it in her room as her dolly's quilt. Not to worry though, it is always on her bed, never on the floor. I think she already is realizing that homemade quilts are special!

Last night I participated in an auction at my favorite local quilt shop, Quilts Plus. For several weeks in May, June, and July, every dollar spent at the shop gives you one Quilts Plus Buck. You can then use those $$ to spend in the auction. I was lucky that one day when I was spending way too much at the shop, the lady running the register said her friend had just bought fabric for a quilt backing and other things, but wasn't going to be able to make the auction, and asked if I would like her bucks. Uhm, yes, thank you! Over $300, combined with mine I had $546 (I told you I spent too much!)

The auction has 3 parts: a live auction, a silent auction, and a table of items that you can use your bucks to buy things from outright. Before the auction, you can look around and take notes on what you might want to buy.

All the great big stacks of fabric and fat quarters went for very high amounts, but I was lucky that a few things I saw I was able to snag in the auctions!
In the live auction, I won this great bag, and inside the bag was 7 yards of this pink plaid flannel (try spelling that quickly!) I love the fabric this bag is made from (Moda Swell), and it will be perfect for the library or the grocery store! The fabric is large enough to go into a quilt I started collecting fabric for years ago and be the backing on the quilt, too!

The small patriotic bucket is from the silent auction. The item I really wanted, a bucket of 2 inch charm squares from several different fabric lines, went really high, but this little item was perfect for me too. I can see these fabrics making a cute little boy baby quilt!

The small red daisy thing is a needle case, and goodness knows I can use one of those. I bought it from the regular items table. It will be perfect for keeping my hand quilting needles in!


Speaking of hand quilting, I just finished that part of my quilt for the Summer 4 Seasons Swap... I plan to get it bound tomorrow, and send it out at the beginning of the week. I admit to loving it a little too much. Even Elliott asked me if I wanted to keep it and send a different quilt, as he thought it was a really great quilt too!

That will complete all outstanding quilt swaps for me, and I plan to stop swapping. I'm not getting any of my own full size projects done, and want to concentrate on that for the next while! I have become a much better quilter after all these little doll quilts, and I am looking forward to using my skills on quilts for me! :-)


kelly said...

i love the quilt auction idea! i wish my local shop did something like that! & that quilt you got is beautiful!

Carla said...

Lucky you! The auction sounds like fun. I love that quilt... Emma has good taste. :)

Jenny said...

the quilt looks great and the things you got at the auction (especially the bag) are great, too! :)

Thimbleanna said...

Gosh Darn It! I REALLY wish I'd known you were going to the auction -- I have about 100 bucks sitting in my wallet from when my aunt was here and we stopped in. I knew I wouldn't get back down there, but she was giving them anyway, and I tucked them away thinking you just never know. Bummer. I would GLADLY have sent them to you! Next year -- if there is one -- we'll remember that little trick. Love the swell bag.