Friday, July 11, 2008

Well, since you asked...

Stephanie asked what I did today and who my easiest baby was (she asked you too!). Since I am stalling in the moments before I have to take several of the kids to Whole Foods, I thought I would answer.

Let's start with my easiest baby. That would definitely be Sophie. Andrew may have been my easiest if I had known then what I know now, thanks to this book. He was a very easy baby, and my hardest was probably Ethan, due to the 20 minute cat naps he took. He definitely would have been easier if I had read the book with him. But I didn't find out about that book until Emma was a few weeks old. It made a world of difference with her, and with Sophie I used what I had learned and she has been the easiest happiest baby ever (at least until she turned 18 months... but they aren't really babies any more at that age, are they!)

As for our day? It has been glorious! We woke up this morning to beautiful sunshine (only happens 88 days each year, you know) and spent the morning eating a lazy breakfast and playing in the basement forts the kids made and slept in last night.

Then it was off to Andrew's golf lesson. Emma and Sophie had fun finding lots of old golf tees while Andrew perfected his form and swing. He is making great progress, and loves playing golf!

After that we went to the library for a new round of books. I always tell myself we are going to hold back on the number we check out, but it just isn't possible, there are so many good ones! You can tell what my interests are at any given moment based on the books I check out from the library... notice there are no quilting books this time, mostly vegetable garden books for me this time!

Back at home, everyone had sandwiches for lunch and then it was time for Sophie's nap. Ethan went off to the neighbor's house (they were back and forth most of the afternoon) while Andrew, Emma and I played a few games of UNO and made chocolate chip cookies. Ethan came home just in time to help us eat the cookies, and the kids relaxed in the basement while watching a Pokemon movie borrowed from the library.

There was just enough time for a little reading before Andrew had to be at the first LEGO Robotics practice of the season, and the kids and I had ate yummy pasta with tomatoes, beans, and garlic for dinner.

The kids are getting their shoes on to run to the market so I can find some ingredients for an appetizer and dessert for a little picnic Elliott and I are going on tomorrow evening... Symphony on the Prairie with friends. I think I finally decided on chips with homemade salsa and chocolate covered strawberries... mmmmm, yummy!

So, what did you do today?


stephanie said...

thanks for answering! it was fun to read.

The Queen said...

How on earth did you have time to miss me????

Carla said...

Your post makes me tired just reading it. :) How were the strawberries and salsa?

Jenny said...

sounds like a busy day.
that book worked well for maxwell, but i think jonah was our "easiest" baby.

Raena Johnson said...

I'm dying to know what "the book" was but the link doesn't work for me! Do tell.