Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Auctions tomorrow

Many of you are by now aware of the devastating accident Stephanie and Christian Nielsen were in a couple of weeks ago. Stephanie has burns over 80% of her body. In an effort to help with their sure-to-be-many medical bills, many blogs are hosting silent auctions tomorrow to raise money for the family.

I put together this little doll quilt that I am having trouble parting with, but it makes it easier knowing the quilt is being sold for a good cause. My quilt will be auctioned off here.

The quilt measures 18x18", and features Heather Bailey fabric on the front,

and Amy Butler fabric on the back.

It is hand quilted and hand bound

My very talented mother will also be auctioning off her services as a long arm quilter... so if you have some quilt tops sitting around waiting to be quilted, this is your chance to get the top quilted, and contribute to a wonderful cause at the same time.

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Bethany said...

It's beautiful! That's very good of you.