Saturday, August 09, 2008

Hello Again, Old Friends!

Anyone still reading this blog? :-) We just returned from a two week "vacation" with the family in Utah and California. Quotation marks because for some reason this was one of our less relaxing vacations. We did have lots of fun with cousins, did our usual standards: Disneyland and BYU, along with some new fun... the Bean Life Science Museum (at BYU). That museum is really amazing... a ton of animals packed into a little tiny space, and FREE (always a good thing when you have 4 kids!)

You can see pictures here and here (I am too lazy to download any myself).

We got home two days ago and have been non-stop busy since then getting ready for school, getting the house re-organized, and trying to figure out which activities will keep us busy this fall.

I tried to save myself a little time by ordering new school shoes on-line, but of course, the boys' shoes didn't fit, so I will have to get to the store after all. Sophie, on the other hand, loves her new shoes, which Elliott and I find incredibly cute!


Pa said...

Yes, we will always read your blog! sophie looks adorable and proud. we miss all of you very much - it is too quiet around here, although i am sure you were glad to get home! lauren

Barbara said...

Soooo cute-shoes and all. Glad you arrived home safe. My t-shirt came Fri.Cool! I will wear it to the next board meeting! Thank you mucho. It was wonderful seeing and visiting with you and being with all of those lovable adorable kiddos.
Love and Hugs

dawnkristine said...

Working on the Cupcake swap...can we send out on Monday? Please? Glad you had a nice vacation!