Monday, August 25, 2008

It went something like this:

EMMA: Remember when Sophie was still in your tummy and you were big and fat?
ME: I wasn't fat was I? I was just big in my tummy where Sophie was.
EMMA: Well your head wasn't fat.

In case you can't remember what I looked like, here's a good laugh for the day:

(the night before Sophie came)


Pa said...

You weren't fat, but from Emma's perspective looking up, well.

The Queen said...

That girl is hilarious. Pa has a good point. ;)

The Queen said...

P.S. I never noticed before how Andrew is standing to the side so we can see his belly, too.

Lyle said...

you weren't were pregnalicious!

Thimbleanna said...

Too funny! It's a good thing that little Sophie arrived shortly after this photo -- who knows what might have happened!

Carla said...

Oh dear... you were pregnant! But not fat. :) Nor was your head fat.