Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Some progress, and an "old" quilt

I have managed to piece 160 triangles together, and only have 160 more to go!

Some more layout photos. I'm not sure which layout I like now... Maybe you can help me decide by voting in my poll over on the sidebar!

Do you prefer:

(barn raising)


In other quilting news, I finally decided to dust off this old quilt top and get it quilted. The fabrics are begging for hand quilting, and I don't have the attention span to quilt it myself, so I am sending it off to the Amish to quilt for me. It is so fun to send a quilt top to them, and have it come back as a beautifully finished quilt!

PS... I just wanted everyone to know how seriously Ethan takes his chalk drawings:

(click to enlarge)


Barbara said...

Can't decide which one I like the best. However, I love the quilt top you are sending to be quilted.
Ethan really gets into his drawing. Love the face!!!
Love and Hugs

faith said...

not that what i have to say pulls any weight at all, but i like the one patch. i think it showcases the fabrics a little better. i wanted to say barn raising because i think that's a beautiful pattern, but i think that and the zigzag make the white stand out more. you don't get to see all your fun fabrics as much.
(i'm bethany's sister, by the way)

Mom said...

where do you send it to be quilted??! How long does it take

Ginger said...

I use www.amishquilting.net They say their turnaround is about 12 weeks, although last time I sent a quilt it didn't take that long.

Ann said...

Up for trying one more layout? Use Barn Raising but take it off center. It adds a lot of punch for no additional work. Move the center one up and two over or two up and one over.

Harris Beach Bums said...

This is Leanne Harris, remember me? I was going through the blogging world and clicked onto you guys. Your family has grown so much I can't believe it! I don't know that much about quilts but I like the one patch. You are so talented!

Thimbleanna said...

I voted. I must turn the tide on those who voted for #2 LOL!

Lyle said...

Looks like Ethan has a nice manly scab on his knee! whoot whoot!

Carla said...

I still like the first top best!
When are you sending the quilt? I had forgotten how beautiful the fabrics are... what thread do you wanted used for quilting?
Love the photograph of Ethan. :)

Sheri said...

I like the top one the best:)

kelly said...

i like the zig zag myself. speaking of quilts. i need your email address again, i can't seem to find it & i need your quilting expertise. i just finished a top, but i'm trying to pick border, binding, and backing & am struggling!

as for the onesie... it was really easy. we used felt as a stablizer, basically we cut in in an oval shape. you don't really need the stablizer, but it provided a nice shape to follow when sewing on the trim. then we just kind of pleated the trim into a u-shape, layering several rows. for the collar i used cream felt that i just sewed to the top & a satin ribbon & some pearl buttons. for another one we didn't do the collar or ribbon, & did pearls all along the top... it looked like a pearl necklace. i actually preferred that look, but you have to use a piece of trim that looks nice on top. fray check all the edges and viola!

as for a tutorial, maybe i'll do one. but do you think it's rude, considering i basically borrowed the idea off of etsy? what are your thoughts?

Amanda Jean said...

I love all the settings of your quilt! seeing all the possiblities makes me want to start working with my charm packs that have been sitting around for months.

Sally DeFord said...

Ginger, I love the quilt. The fabrics are great. Where do you get your fabric from? A good store or online? I can't believe you play the bass. I picked up guitar shortly after freshman year then after being married a few years and always wanting an upright bass player, I took up the bass. I'm not great at it, but everyone always wants to me to play with them because the bass adds so much. You need to get one. I have a bottom of the line one I got online (around 1K) and it's perfect. Fancy ones are so expensive.